Most people go to the gym with an end goal in mind is to build Muscle, we all have heard many suggestions from trainers & friends but at one point where we keep thinking about the reasons why we are not able to build muscle. Let us list out the top 3 common reasons.

1. Insufficient nutrition-

The basic and most common mistake majority of people does is they do not feed muscles with enough proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Often we miscalculate the daily required amount of macronutrients for our muscles and end up making ourselves malnutrition. Which result in poor growth, always get a well-calculated diet plan as per your workout plan.

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2. Over training

Just  Accept the fact that great bodies are not built overnight. So chill, and just do how much is required. This is our classic statement- if lifting weights for a longer period builds muscle, then the top bodybuilders would be our farmers. It doesn’t work that way! Overtraining increases the stress levels,  which indirectly produces more Cortisol (stress hormone). When cortisol is high, trust us, you will be burning your muscles for fuel. So never train over 45 mins of weight training for 2 body parts is more than enough.

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3. Sleep

We all know that ample sleep is required to build muscles. The mobiles, TVs, and web series are the culprits of destroying our sleep cycle. The main hormone for building and repairing your muscle- GROWTH HORMONE  is produced when you are in deep sleep. If this hormone doesn’t produce in your body, then consider that you have reached a point where you are wasting your money and time. Consider your workout 7 days a week, and for some reason, on the 7th night, you couldn’t sleep enough for your muscles to recover. On the 8th day, if you haven’t given a break for a workout, the sleep deficiency will make you end up in a stress zone. Which creates further muscle destruction due to high levels of cortisol.

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