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Muscle repairs and growth occur when you are under resting state like – during the day or while sleeping. Throughout the day you might follow a 6 or 8 meal plan which makes sure that your body is supplied with protein to maintain, repair and build new muscle but what about night time when you sleep for 6 to 8 hours. This is where you need the ANABOLIC NUTRITION’s C Pro. C Pro ( casein protein) is a slow acting protein which supplies amino acids in a sustained release method. By taking it before sleep, it provides your muscles a steady supply of amino acids for 6 to 8 hrs, thus helping your body prevent catabolism( break down of muscle tissue).


INGREDIENTS : Skimmed Milk Protein (Casein Protein Hydrolyzed), Marica, Satavari, Cocoa Powder, Artificial Flavours, Maltodextrin, Sucrose, Vitamins, Minerals, Digestive Enzymes, Papain, Amylase & Preservatives.

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SUGGESTED USE : Take 1 Scoop (3 Table Spoons) of ANABOLIC NUTRITION’S C Pro (CASEIN PROTEIN) in a glass, Add little cold milk or water and mix until it forms a smooth paste. Then add more milk or water to make it a 200ml delicious shake.

BEST USE# : If you exercise in the morning, take 1 Scoop of ANABOLIC NUTRITION’S C Pro (CASEIN PROTEIN) before exercise, after exercise and after dinner – before sleep.

If you exercise in evening, take 1 Scoop of ANABOLIC NUTRITION’S C Pro (CASEIN PROTEIN) after morning breakfast, before exercise in the evening & after dinner – before sleep.


Each 100 gm Contains
Satavari (rt.)5 gm
Marica (frt.)2.5 gm
Skimmed Milk Protein80 gm
Maltodextrin2.5 gm
Sugar (sita)10 gm
Flavours & Colors0 q.s
Typical Amino Acid Profile
(Milligrams per scoop)
Per 30gPer 100g
Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)
Conditionally Essential Amino Acids (CAAs)
Glutamine & Precursors4860mg16200mg
Nonessential Amino Acids (NAAs)
Serving Size 30g (1 Scoop)Per 30gPer 100g
Total Carbohydrate3.75g.12.5g.
Calories from Fat00
Total Fat00
Saturated Fat00
Vitamin A120 IU400 IU


Casein Protein Supplements powder

Not all proteins are created equal. Whether its soy, egg, whey, animal, or casein protein, they all have their own unique advantages. Arguably, caseins greatest strength is timing. ANABOLIC NUTRITION C Pro (CASEIN PROTEIN) has the ability to provide your bloodstream with a slow and steady flow of amino acids that could last for hours. Muscles may not be built overnight, but drinking a glass of casein-rich supplement like ANABOLIC NUTRITION C Pro is the ideal protein to consume right before bed, as it will be more helpful throughout the night than any other protein option. By consuming organic casein protein powder you can get a good source of protein without excess fat and carbohydrates. Studies have shown that increasing more protein can promote weight loss and decrease body fat. ANABOLIC NUTRITION C Pro (CASEIN PROTEIN Supplements Powder) protein can take up to 8 hours to digest, which is just about as long as the average person sleeps every night. Casein extends the release of amino acids into the bloodstream, improving nitrogen retention (necessary for protein synthesis). Remember, however, that any period spent sleeping is time when your body isn’t getting any new nutrients.

MARICA:- The english name of marica is bioperine ( piper nigrum). Bioperine PE is the active ingredient extracted from the piper nigrum plant. One of the biggest benefits of bioperine is that it increases the bio availability of different useful products.Bioperine can also an provide efficient mode of nutrient transportation into the blood. Another important function of MARICA is seen during fat metabolism. MARICA increases the bone strength and also provides nourishment to the body muscles.

Note: Store in cool, hygienic and dry place. Do not use wet scoops or spoons. Close the cap tightly after use. Do not store prepared drink. Some setlings of content may occur during transit.

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1000 Grams, 2500 Grams


  1. Subahan

    Taking this protein at night with tight muscles after evening workout, drinking this before bed has helped a ton and I’ve been sleeping much better. Very good results. I am happy to Recommend this protein.

  2. Narendar

    Over the years I’ve tried a lot of casein proteins. There aren’t that many options for all natural out there, but this product is exactly what it says it is. No more. No less. Exactly what I wanted. It mixes very easily which is not normal for a casein protein. Highly recommended.

  3. Sathish

    I have been using Anabolic Nutrition Casein for about two months and am very happy with this protein powder. This is my first 100% casein protein as previously I used whey powders exclusively. This mixes very well with water and I feel satiated longer then when consuming whey protein alone.

  4. Prashanth

    although in my opinion this specific casein is on the pricier side, it definitely makes up for it by the qualtiy of the product itself. i can absolutely taste the quality in this product and believe it to be of a very high standard.

  5. Raj Kumar

    Great product, no artificial sweeteners and get what you pay for. Taste leaves much to be desired

  6. Dhittu

    I use this product mixed in with whey right after my workouts and I believe it makes a big difference for my body to absorb more protein. I like to take it before bed as well and when I do I find that I am less sore after a heavy workout.

    I would recommend this product

  7. Ankit

    Tastes much better than expected. Product is made with great ingredients. No complaints.

  8. Pranav

    A solid choice for casein protein. It’s a low cost

  9. Kisore

    I have always loved casein protein. I wish this mixed a little easier, does great with a stick blender, is pretty good in a shaker cup. Love it and will continue to use it though because it tastes great.

  10. Vinod

    Tastes great at a good price. Its good for muscle building support overnight as this is a slow digesting protein. In case you are lactose intolerant, casein does not cause adverse effects.

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Skimmed Milk Protein (Casein Protein Hydrolyzed), Marica, Satavari, Cocoa Powder, Artificial Flavours, Maltodextrin, Sucrose, Vitamins, Minerals, Digestive Enzymes, Papain, Amylase & Preservatives.

Skim Milk Powder

Skim Milk Powder is obtained by removing water from pasteurized skim milk. It contains 5% or less moisture (by weight) and 1.5% or less milkfat (by weight) and a minimum milk protein content of 34%. Skim Milk Powder is classified for use as an ingredient according to the heat treatment used in their manufacture. There are three main classifications: high-heat (least soluble), medium-heat, and low-heat (most soluble). Spray-dried Skim Milk Powder is available in two forms: ordinary or non-agglomerated (non-instant) and agglomerated (instant).

The difference between Skim Milk Powder and Nonfat Dry Milk is that Skim Milk Powder’s protein can be adjusted to 34% 

Whey concentrate is one of the most basic forms of protein that is found in many protein supplements on the shelves of supplement stores. People who are looking for an inexpensive protein source will find products of strictly whey protein concentrate with a lower price tag.  Some people will find though that they have a hard time digesting the concentrates and will end up feeling a little gassy and bloated. Concentrates typically have a low (but still significant) level of fat and cholesterol but, in general, have higher levels of bioactive compounds as well as carbohydrates in the form of lactose; they are only 29% to 79% protein by weight.

Whey Isolates
Isolates are one of the quickest absorbing proteins (but not the as quick as whey hydrolysate). People will find this source of protein to be a bit on the expensive side (more-so than whey concentrates), but not near as expensive as the Whey protein hydrolysate.

Shatavari is said to promote fertility and have a range of health benefits, particularly for the female reproductive system. The herb is thought to be adaptogenic, which means that it may help to regulate the body's systems and improve resistance to stress.

Cocoa Powder
Cocoa powder is made by crushing cocoa beans and removing the fat or cocoa butter. Cocoa is one of the richest sources of polyphenols. It’s especially abundant in flavanols, which have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The English name of marica is bioperine (pippergum).One of the biggest benefit of bioperine is that it increases the bio availability of different nutritions to the muscle. Another important function a fat metabolism, it also increases bone strength & builds bone muscle mass.

Maltodextrin consists of D-glucose units connected in chains of variable length. Maltodextrin has 4 calories per gram — the same amount of calories as sucrose, or table sugar. Your body can digest maltodextrin quickly, so it’s useful if you need a quick boost of calories and energy.

Sucrose is common table sugar. It is a disaccharide, a molecule composed of two monosaccharides: glucose and fructose. Sucrose is produced naturally in plants, from which table sugar is refined. For human consumption, sucrose is extracted, and refined, from either sugar cane or sugar beet.

Digestive Enzymes
Digestive enzymes are a group of enzymes that break down polymeric macromolecules into their smaller building blocks, in order to facilitate their absorption by the body. In the human digestive system, the main sites of digestion are the oral cavity, the stomach, and the small intestine.

Papain is a proteolytic enzyme extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya plant. Proteolytic enzymes help break proteins down into smaller protein fragments called peptides and amino acids. Papain may help relieve sore throat symptoms, such as swelling, pain, and redness.

Amylase is enzymes that catalyse the hydrolysis of starch into sugars. Amylase is present in the saliva of humans and some other mammals, where it begins the chemical process of digestion. The pancreas and salivary gland make amylase (alpha amylase) to hydrolyse dietary starch into disaccharides and trisaccharides which are converted by other enzymes to glucose to supply the body with energy.

Preservative food additives reduce the risk of foodborne infections, decrease microbial spoilage, and preserve fresh attributes and nutritional quality. Some physical techniques for food preservation include dehydration, UV-C radiation, freeze-drying, and refrigeration.