Muscle repairs and growth occur when you are under resting state like – during the day or while sleeping. Throughout the day you might follow a 6 or 8 meal plan which makes sure that your body is supplied with protein to maintain, repair and build new muscle but what about night time when you sleep for 6 to 8 hours. This is where you need the ANABOLIC NUTRITION’s C Pro. C Pro ( casein protein) is a slow acting protein which supplies amino acids in a sustained release method. By taking it before sleep, it provides your muscles a steady supply of amino acids for 6 to 8 hrs, thus helping your body prevent catabolism( break down of muscle tissue).


Casein Protein Supplements powder

Not all proteins are created equal. Whether its soy, egg, whey, animal, or casein protein, they all have their own unique advantages. Arguably, caseins greatest strength is timing. ANABOLIC NUTRITION C Pro (CASEIN PROTEIN) has the ability to provide your bloodstream with a slow and steady flow of amino acids that could last for hours. Muscles may not be built overnight, but drinking a glass of casein-rich supplement like ANABOLIC NUTRITION C Pro is the ideal protein to consume right before bed, as it will be more helpful throughout the night than any other protein option. By consuming organic casein protein powder you can get a good source of protein without excess fat and carbohydrates. Studies have shown that increasing more protein can promote weight loss and decrease body fat. ANABOLIC NUTRITION C Pro (CASEIN PROTEIN Supplements Powder) protein can take up to 8 hours to digest, which is just about as long as the average person sleeps every night. Casein extends the release of amino acids into the bloodstream, improving nitrogen retention (necessary for protein synthesis). Remember, however, that any period spent sleeping is time when your body isn’t getting any new nutrients.

MARICA:- The english name of marica is bioperine ( piper nigrum). Bioperine PE is the active ingredient extracted from the piper nigrum plant. One of the biggest benefits of bioperine is that it increases the bio availability of different useful products.Bioperine can also an provide efficient mode of nutrient transportation into the blood. Another important function of MARICA is seen during fat metabolism. MARICA increases the bone strength and also provides nourishment to the body muscles.

Note: Store in cool, hygienic and dry place. Do not use wet scoops or spoons. Close the cap tightly after use. Do not store prepared drink. Some setlings of content may occur during transit.

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