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EmEditor Professional 21

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Before you are a good text editor, especially for users who want to work with HTML, PHP, XML and other formats. If you otherwise set the settings as an external browser, you can log in to see the HTML files that you edit in real time in the editor, easily when working on a project, try to download the editor, I think you will like this the program quite good and easy to use.

Usually syntax is highlighted, here the choice is quite large, there is support for ASP, Java, Pascal, Perl and so on, there are many programming languages, I think it is not wise to list them all. Drag-and-drop features are supported, add files, you can drag them to the main window of the Editor and start editing them right away. Note that you can open large files, if the memory does not change, the limit is a few hundred gigabytes, and you can also connect other external modules.

EmEditor knows exactly how to work with macros that must be written in VBScript or javascript – with their help you can easily change almost any action performed in the program, excellent service, I hope many will appreciate it. Thanks to a good HTML language configuration, you can not only make spelling or syntax errors. Overall, I like the editor, very simple and useful, especially if you create web and simple applications. Although EmEditor supports working with plugins, it can open large files, work with several documents at the same time, check first in the built-in browser, there is full Unicode support, as well as Russian support, there are generally many benefits, but if at. a loss, write to you, if you feel so.

Developer: Emurasoft, Inc.

License: ShareWare

Language: Different

Size: 39 MB

OS: Windows

How to install:

1). Instructions are included if needed.

2). That’s it, it’s over

EmEditor Professional 21

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