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ContourTrace Professional 2

ContourTrace allows you to quickly and easily convert raster images (such as BMP and JPEG) to vector images (such as DXF and SVG). The focus of this application is on separating the outlines of objects. The obtained data can be used for measurement, control, design and production. The camera can be calibrated to remove lens imperfections, such as distortion, from captured images. Pixel ratio units can be saved to obtain a direct scale line.

Import raster graphics

Import raster graphics in various formats, such as JPEG, BMP, PNG. For optimal results, raster graphics can be masked and manipulated with many image filters.

Contour extraction

Use a variety of contour-sharing features and algorithms to quickly extract precise contours.

Contour manipulation

The created contours can be manipulated, turned into polygons or splines, and painted or changed as desired.

Export vector graphics

The results can be exported as vector graphics in DXF and SVG formats. DXF exports use DXF color values ​​and scalable limits. Line width and color values ​​are saved in SVG export.

OS: Win10 +

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ContourTrace Professional 2

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