7 Top Healthy Breakfast Ideas | 7 Tasty Choices

I often find clients and members of the gym complain that they cannot manage to eat the breakfasts that I recommend. In days gone by I have been a strong believer in the ‘meat and nut’ method and still agree that this is the best diet if you are looking for a high protein and fats breakfast and aiming for the great body composition results in a short period of time. However, one thing I have began to find is that not everyone wants to be so rigid all the time and want to change things up a little to avoid the same tedious breakfast. When dieting in this manner it is very common to ‘fall of the wagon’ and end up eating what you want which is usually fuelled with sugars or poor quality carbohydrates.

For the majority of people who get up in the morning and travel to work we find that high carbohydrate breakfasts such as cereals and toast with preservatives will incur many troughs in energy throughout the day due to the high levels of sugar that enter the blood stream and therefore develops blood sugar imbalances (very much like those with diabetes). To avoid these energy crashes, you should fuel your morning on protein and fats. Here are 7 breakfasts to rotate on a week by week basis that will enable you to avoid boredom as well as maintaining your health and keeping you on track with your goal.

Day 1:

3 Egg Omelette with 50g chicken breast and Goats Cheese with chopped chilli and garlic served with Asparagus, Spinach and 50g Avocado.

Day 2:

100g Fillet Steak cooked in 10g coconut oil with 50g cashew nuts and Green Beans.


Day 3:

Maple Syrup Flavour MyProtein Protein Pancakes served with 50g Blueberries.


Day 4:


150g Smoked Salmon with 3 scrambled eggs and 50g avocado.

Day 5:


3 Grilled Lean Rashers of Bacon with 2 fried eggs in coconut oil and mushrooms.

Day 6:


150g Turkey Burgers with chopped chilli and garlic with spinach and 50g cashew nuts.


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